Selling my phone Online Selling the mobile phones online will be for the reasonable price and there are many auction websites available online depending on the model and the condition of the mobile phone. People always want to update the mobile phones and the newer mobile phones are expensive so they are looking for the sell my phone option and use the money for buying the new technology mobile phones. And this is the reliable method also. When placing in the online auction websites you need to take the photo of the mobile phone and put them along with the brief description about the model and the functions. The cost must also be listed in the mobile phones. Mazuma websites are available in plenty for the recycling of the mobile phones. The advertisements are given in the TV and the newspapers for the mobile selling and buying of the device. If you are the starter in the mobile selling business then you can make the research in the websites for the tips and suggestions for making the mobile sale. The old mobile phones provide the best compensation of money for buying the new mobile phones. Some of the mobile shops also offer the mobile selling and the mobile recycling services. If you find any parts not working properly then you can contact the mobile service agent to rectify the defects or you can change the replacement parts. Every mobile phone has the unique features and the cost depends on the model of the phone.