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Artist statement.

Faced with the blunt trauma of reality, I use forms of magical thinking to manipulate and re-write the outcomes

of less-than-ideal situations into something free and joyful. As I work, art seems closely aligned to alchemy;

a tool to record reality, change it, and also an ideal means with which to escape it's confines.

As time passes, it seems more plausible to me that all work can only be, ultimately, highly personal; no

longer disappointed by this seeming inability to achieve total objectivity, I instead feel awed by our pathetic and

ridiculous human-ness, the black joke that is life and death, the pathos of our earnest optimism and guileless

stupidity to face life each day with only the flimsiest of armour.

Against this backdrop, I feel more sympathy for the creator than the created. And so the things I've been

making reflect upon one or all of several scenarios; the things we put in place to provide a home for our sense of

self (be they physical props, people or beliefs); the ensuing anxiety and desolation at the loss of these things, and

the iron will and desperate optimism universally employed to overcome these losses.

I like using forms of intuitive measurement; distances and spaces that resonate on some level, ratios that feel

almost familiar but not quite. Measurement becomes trust when used in this way; another form of alchemy. The passing

of time and energy expended while making each piece are invisible and indispensible measurements and anchors.

I use a variety of materials; most things seem to have the potential to say a lot when removed from their usual


My hope is for all pieces to operate as individual parts of a cohesive whole, a giant chess set wherein every

grouping or pairing makes sense on some level, or feels as if it does, however disparate the works initially appear.

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